Unique accommodation trends in Sri Lanka

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Bubble House Tent

Spending days in bubble house tents is one of most amazing experience in Sri Lanka. May be you stay on top of mountains next to stars with your lovely partner, may be on pristine beaches of Sri Lanka and also in the jungle with wildlife. No matter where you are, it is an amazing experience you ever get in lifetime, specially in Sri Lanka.


Luxury Boutique Hotels

Stylize luxury boutique hotels with amazing atmosphere, furniture, architecture, luxury amenities, personalized service are booming trend in Sri Lanka.  There are number of Boutique hotels with different themes, most of locations are amazing and unbelievable. Best part is most of luxury boutique hotels are in untouched location where you could enjoy freedom – privacy and luxury lifestyle.


Camping on Mountain Tops

Camping on mountain tops makes your holiday more unique and adventures. Sri Lanka has number of mountain tops where people do not reach often. Camping on mountain tops is becoming a new trend in Sri Lanka. This experience is mostly enjoyed by hikers, trekkers and adventure lovers.


Road Trips Caravan

Caravan road trips are one of most amazing experience all over the world. Here Sri Lanka offer this amazing experience for first time in the history. Sri Lanka was not popular for caravan road trips so far. Anyhow this has become a upcoming trend in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is very safety country for international tourist and people are friendly and hospitable. Country has so many beautiful location and attractions  to visit and spend days in your own caravan.

Stay in Local Home Stay

Check into a local house, eat what they eat, drink what they drink, see how they cook, share beautiful memories of life. Walk in their gardens. Have a great time and experience real lifestyle of Sri Lanka. Local people are very friendly and hospitable. Houses are bit small but well arranged and clean. Prices are not high and reasonable. Time you spend in local homestay will make your journey amazed and memorable.

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