Kasun Chandrasena

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“Don’t listen to what they say. Be passionate, Go and see”

  • Five year experiences in travel and tourism

  • Love sharing experiences with people from around the world

  • Have completed BSc. Honours Degree in Tourism Management with Second Class Lower Division

  • Best supportive human network

  • Know exactly what you are looking for

Yohan Chathuranga

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“Happy to see your lovely moments in the paradise of planet earth”

  • Seven years experience in hospitality & tourism industry

  • Love sharing my knowledge with people from around the world

  • BSc. Honours in Hospitality Management Degree

  • ICT & E- Commerce consultant

  • Artist & Painter and expert in entertainment industry

Ishani Dinushika

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“Make your dreams alive, keep travelling,  Planet earth is very beautiful ”

  • Five years experiences in travel and tourism

  • Love to discover beauty of planet earth

  • Bachelor of Honest Geography & Environmental Management Degree

  • Expert in geography, natural science & mapping

  • Tourism concepts developer & fashion designer

Chathura S Malalarathna

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“Be a part of nature, take your lovely memories – leave only footprints “

  • Seven years experience in natural science & sustainable development

  • Wildlife and nature conservation projects

  • Expert in geography & natural science

  • Business development consultant

  • Cricketer & expert in event management industry