Repatriation to Sri Lanka – Experience from repatriated persons from Sri Lanka

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This article is about latest information regarding Repatriation to Sri Lanka from people who have repatriated to Sri Lanka. So if you are looking to do so and seeking advice and support go through details. Here, all information verified and everyone can take advantage of the information. Share with the one who need this most.

Repatriation Process for Sri Lankan passport holders

Sri Lankan passport holders able to join repatriation to Sri Lanka program from the country you stay at the moment to Sri Lanka. We understand that it’s currently on hold and are asking for when it does open up. Therefore, Go through following process with useful information and tips that might help for the repatriation to Sri Lanka.

Step 01
Registration (getting on the list) should be done at the Sri Lankan embassy in you already stay at the moment.

Step 02
Check with SriLankan airlines if they doing any charter flights to Colombo (private rep flight).

You can do the following till the embassy gets in touch with you.

Step 03
Obtaining Foreign Ministry approval with Presidential Secretariat clearance. Obtain the Foreign ministry approval by writing to “[email protected]”. Foreign ministry will review and respond to the requester via e-mail along with the Presidential Secretariat clearance.

Step 04
Obtaining approval from Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka. In addition to the Presidential Secretariat clearance, you are required to obtain CAA approval from Mr Rayhan Wanniappa, his email id is [email protected] CAA will send the approval directly to the airline to proceed with ticketing.

Step 05
Ticket issuance – Can only be done with the airline.

In addition once you get the approvals from MFA, CAA, immigration, you will need to do a PCR test within 72 hrs of departure and then upon arrival at airport.
Quarantine hotel will be assigned to you upon arrival – it seems they allocate the hotel according to flights. approvals come in last minute and one has to them followup with all. Use tentative booking and once CAA authorised was able to confirm ticket. Airline or Travel agent won’t anyway issue unless you have CAA approval.

As far as information that got, you can only have a flight out of your country that has been booked by the Sri Lankan embassy (in your country). They then organise the PCR tests. You cannot book flights on line or by phone.


Solutions for Partners

As repatriation flights are halted for the time being, some are seeking other options. Seeking and with luck finding, solutions for partners to leave Sri Lanka has become an option for some. First of all People should contact their relevant embassy because the requirements may vary depending on their nationality and there are other kinds of visa which can be issued in the current circumstances.

But for the first -time travellers to some region, like Schengan , the process is a bit hard. Because first of all they need to attend personally at the relevant embassy, and they need to meet the criteria for a schengen visa -this latter is quite hard for an average Sri Lankan. (Because it needs a property on the applicant’s name, business registration or employment certificate with epf/etf contribution proven;regularly high income proven by 4-6 month bank slip, /high income means European level/, European health insurance covering the months of stay, invitation letter from the inviting party ,inviting party also needs to attach the property deed where they will stay , inviting party also needs that level of income which can cover two person`s living costs /also need to be proven by bank slips and employment or business certificates).

After all the application for schengen can be for two kind of visa : C is for short term (up to 90days) visit, and D type for family reunification and residence.

The first type is easier in normal times, but in these days the authorities are reluctant to issue this one, because there is an Act on EU level which requires the member states to restricts the issuance of visit visas due to public security (pandemic control) reasons. So, highly presumably you need to go for family reunification residence visa (D type).

Some countries use these usual rules, some are even more flexible to help in these days, and find some special legal base to help to their citizens and family members. As my best knowledge Austria or central eastern Europe have similar requirements. Maybe Slovakia is a bit easier nowadays, they seems more flexible for me. Usually French embassy is not that flexible, however I gladly hear that in the time of a pandemic, they are more flexible! It’s worth a try!

In the Netherlands, the Dutch government has introduced a special scheme for residents (partners) separated due to corona. Info here ( in Dutch).

Finally, So many people may share their worthless opinions or transposed their own doubts, fears and prejudices with situation. Only a few of them may refrained from comment or judgement about your choices or about things they have not experienced themselves and have no clue about.

Don’t listen to the people who make you doubt only to the ones who know how to guide you towards your goal. It takes just one person to believe in you for big things to happen.
I hope that everyone read this article who is genuinely trying to return home to Sri Lanka or to be reunited with their loved ones finds that one believer.